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Birmingham Home Inspectors
A B Home Inspections, Inc.
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AB Home Inspections, Inc.

Inspecting Attics to Basements in the Birmingham Area

A B Home Inspections Inc.
Examing homes in the great Birmingham area

What is the American Dream? The American Dream is to own your home.
We don't want your dream to become a nightmare. Having us
check out your house before you move in is similar to taking a car you are looking to buy
to a mechanic. He is going to tell you what condition the car is in and any problems
you might have with it. Let us look at your house to assure you aren't getting an
lemon or an American nightmare.
Often House buyers feel often we are their best friend in the Birmingham house buying process.
Be sure to get a licensed State, NACHI, and ASHI certified inspector.

A B offers you all!
We are Alabama State Certified (HI-0632).
We are a Birmingham Building Inspection company that have been in business for over 15 years.
As a buyer, you want feel comfortable in the process of puchasing a Birmingham house.
It is probably one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make.
We find that people want someone looking out for them
We treat the process as if we were buying the house. We would want to know as much about the
house as possible. We pass that information to you through our reports which include photos
for better understanding to you and anyone else you want to see the report.
Our reports include pictures, checklist, and narratives.
Our reports normally consist include:

* Foundation

* Exterior

* Roof System

* Grading

* Plumbing

* Electrical

* Heating

* Air Condition

* Interior

Other services may include:

* Radon Gas Testing

* Water Analysis

* Carbon Monoxide Testing

* New Home Construction Review

* Pool and Spa Inspections

* Hoover Homewood Center Point Home Inspectors

* NACHI certified

* ASHI certified

* Building certified

* Radon Testing

* Mold Testing

* Chinese Drywall screening,

* Much more services...

Commercial inspections are also available.

One of the biggest benifit we offer is being able give you a printed report with photos on site, which
includes a checklist, pictures, and a narrative explaining the condition of the hous's mechanical and structural systems.
This will normally save you 3 to 5 days of waiting for a final report from another inspector
Most buyers have limited time to have the inspection done and limited time to have repair cost done.
Our reports are easy to read and professionally written.

Working the Hoover, Homewood, Center Point areas and
other area of Alabama
NACHI certified, ASHI certified

We will make your biggest investment a better experience and
above the average.
One of our newer feature is our tained Chinese Drywall screening we can perform during a
routine job. We will examine several copper areas such as outlets and copper plumbing
lines. If we see signs of tainted Chinese drywall we will put it in our report.

We know that having a Birmingham Home Inspection before you purchase
or sell a house is not just a good idea anymore, it is a neccessity.
We do home Inspections in Jefferson Coutny, Shelby County, St. Clair, Tuscaloosa,
and throughout the Alabama area. We understand that you have your family's safety and security at heart.
Your Birmingham Home Inspection report should let you know as much about the house as possible.
We can produce your report which
includes over a 210 point inspection checklist and narrative home inspection report that is computer
generated with photos.
Having printers in our trucks, we can print out your report there on site.
No more waiting several days to get your final report.
In most cases we can also email your report to you or anyone you wish at the time of the inspection.

You Can Rest Comfortably Knowing

We provide our clients the Information they need to make an informed decision
about their future home that is being inspected, in a clear, concise, professional manner,
printed onsite with photographs.
For your convenience, we also email the report to you. In other words we are normally a house buyer's best friend.
In addition to being Alabama licensed, we are also ASHI, NACHI, and AIS certified.
ASHI requires us to continue our education on a yearly cycle along with a number of ASHI approved
inspections and completion of two test be done prior to certification to insure the level of a quality inspection.
A normal inspection will be a report of 30 to 50 pages that cover the following categories:
Exterior of the house and the property, Siding, Roofing, Chimney, Windows, Doors, Steps,
Walkways, Driveways, Garage, Trees, Electrical Service lines, Decks and Porches. Interior of the house to include,
Basement Structure, Heating and Air Conditioning, Walls, Plumbing, Electrical Panel box location, Wiring type, Outlets and Connections.
Interior conditions of the Living Space, Walls, Floors, Windows and Doors, Stairways, Kitchens, Bathrooms,
and Attic are also inspected for Structure, Insulation, and Ventilation issues.
A Home inspection is a limited, non-destructive examination of condition of your home. Most of the
time is after a contract has been sign for purchase. Most contracts allow a 5, 7, or 10 day period
for the house examation to take place. It is important to know what you are buying and good
viewing of the house by certified Birmingham home inspectors can help.
A good home inspection should be conducted by a home inspector who has been training and certificated by
a well know association such as NACHI or ASHI. Our home inspectors are Alabama certified, trained, and members
of ASHI and NACHI.
Our inspections are performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of American Inspectors Society
and is an examination of the mechanical and physical components of real property identified of this report as
they exist at the time of the inspection through visual means and operation of normal user controls.
What We Do:
1. We perform a visual inspection in a good and workmanlike manner.
2. We tell you whether each item we inspect is performing the function for which it
was intended or is in need of immediate repair.
3. We will explain what we saw about each item.

A B Home Inspections, Inc.

Jim Waddell
Alabama State Certified HI-0632
ASHI Certified
NACHI Certified

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